The most versatile perfumer of all time is undoubtedly nature itself. In fact, anyone who looks into the analyses of extract of natural products may wonder how it is possible that nature can produce such wonderful and complex smells.

Perfect scent

Perfumers try to plum the depths of this miracle, fascinated as they are with finding the secret of the perfect scent. But the work of nature is not so easily duplicated. For example, mixing some components of certain white flowers like jasmine and lilies-of-the-valley causes colouring when used in a perfume. Moreover,  nature is not very prone to stick to the guidelines for skin safety.  Some vegetable oils may cause allergic skin reactions. So, a safe perfume based entirely on natural oils is not always possible.

Not all new perfumes are flower inspired. Wood, fruits, spices, herbs and seeds contribute to new creations too. The idea is to approach the work of nature as closely as possible. This is the challenge the real perfumer wants to take on.

Test facilities

Indispensable to the development of safe and stable perfumes is a rigorous testing regime. For this purpose Holland Aromatics uses its own perfume test facilities. In these, raw materials and fragrances are subjected to in-depth study as to their suitability and safety.

All fragrances supplied by Holland Aromatics satisfy the international IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards with regard to skin safety.

In order to be able to make use of new insights, guidelines and legislation Holland Aromatics is a member of the NEA, the Netherlands Association of Fragrance and Flavor Manufacturers.